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After a whole day of looking for Beregond, Russell gave up. He was pretty certain he would turn up on his own when he was least expected.

So he was crashed out on the couch, Nickelback blasting out of his new widescreen TV that was currently tuned to some rock station. His gig the previous night had gone well, and he had been offered a regular slot. Seems the manager couldn't get over the fact a well-known guitarist was willing to play for small town money. Russell had just shrugged. The guy didn't need to know that he could live quite comfortably off the money he had made from the band and the record sales, and that he was doing the gigs simply to be able to play to an audience again.

He flicked through some more channels. Rob had arranged for the cable guy to come over once the TV was installed, and had suggested he have the works, including HBO, which Russell hadn't got round to checking out yet. Apparently, he had to watch "Sex in the City", what ever that was. Rob had seemed fairly sure he would enjoy it.

In between channels, he heard a soft knock on the door. He considered ignoring it, as Beregond would have knocked louder, but whoever it was would have heard the TV, so he reluctantly left his slouching to answer it.

And was pleasantly surprised.

Arwen stood on the doorstep, with what looked like the elvish equivalent of an overnight bag slung over her shoulder and a bag of cookies in her hand. He grinned at her, and pulled her into a hug, which she returned, clinging to him, glad of someone to hold her.

"Hey, Princess! Whatcha doin' here?" Russell took her bag, and ushered her through to the living room. "Have a seat!"

He motioned to the couch, but she went straight over and sat on the window ledge, and looked out over the park. Russell could feel something wasn’t right, and squatted down in front of her. She looked down at him, and smiled sadly.

"You okay?"

She shook her head. "No, not really. I needed to escape Middle Earth for a while, and I needed to see you again. Do you mind if I stay for a few days? I have things to think over, and feel at ease in your company. And in your arms."

Russell was concerned to see tears in her eyes, and sat up, pulling her close.

"You and me both, princess. You wanna talk about it?"

He felt her shake her head against him.

"Me neither."

He held her for a moment, then pulled away to look at her, brushing the hair back from her face. Then he stood, pulling her to her feet, and towards the large couch.

"Come on! You sit, lie, slump on the couch, whatever, just make yourself comfortable, while I go and make us a couple of Mochas to go with those cookies. It's yet another way to experience chocolate. You'll love it!"

He smiled at her as she moved cushions around, and ducked his head towards hers to kiss her gently on the cheek.

"Then we can curl up together, and spend the rest of the day being distracted by my new toy!"

Many hours later, Arwen was snuggled up against Russell in his big comfortable bed. He was so warm, and his fingers were entwined with hers, resting on his leg, as she lay spooned against his back.

They had indeed watched TV for the rest of the day. He had tried, at one point to explain the rules of football to her, but they had both decided it really wasn't worth going to all that trouble when she had no intention of ever watching another game. They had found several shows they both enjoyed. Arwen liked the many strong women portrayed on this TV, Buffy, Zena, Aeryn Sun, and had admired their fighting skills, much to Russell's amazement.

Then they had ordered pizza and ice-cream, strawberry, not chocolate, and after gorging themselves on Garlic Mushroom with extra cheese, Russell had spoon fed her the ice-cream, which made them both giggle.

Collapsing back on the couch feeling unbelievably full, Russell had turned the TV on to a documentary called "The Fellowship of the Ring", thinking she might enjoy it. When he saw her pale face, he had turned straight over, and apologised, and they had snuggled together as he found something amusing for them to watch.

Later, as he led her though to the bedroom, there was an unspoken understanding that comfort was needed tonight, not passion, and comfort is what they took from each other, falling asleep in each other's arms almost as soon as they climbed into bed.

Arwen snuggled even closer, and waited for sleep to take her.
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