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One quick call, and it was all arranged. Dan would pick him up from the bus depot in LA, and he could stay with him and Mandi for a few days. Dan had even mentioned that Jeff was in town without Lesley, and getting into a drunken fight with his one time best friend seemed like a fine way to work through his anger.

He had pushed a note through Rob's door, saying he would be back for his next gig later in the week, and got ready to go. He had stripped the bed earlier, not wanting to come back to that, and had seriously considered burning the sheets, until he remembered they actually belonged to Rob, and he didn't want to piss off someone who had been so good to him. That thought made him stop in his tracks for a moment, but he shook his head, and went to stuff some clothes into his rucksack.

Spare jeans, shirt, t-shirts. He pulled open a draw, and as he rummaged around, his fingers found a small plastic case containing a shiny disc. He opened the case, and took out the disc, holding it in front of his face. Thoughts of Beregond and last night raced through his mind, and he flexed the disc a little, wondering, just for a moment how much pressure it would take to snap it in two.

But something stopped him. Maybe he just wasn't that much of a bastard, he thought to himself. He put the disc back in the case, and pushed it into the side pocket of his rucksack. Grabbing his jacket on the way out, he slammed the door behind him.

"I am so outta here!!"


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