Feb. 19th, 2004

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When Russell wakes the next morning, he instinctively reaches out expecting to find a soft, warm body, then remembers where he is. And remembers his afternoon with Arwen.

"You're not in Rivendell anymore, Russell!" he thought to himself, smiling.

After Arwen had left him, and he'd pulled his clothes back on, it had taken several attempts to get back to the park. First, he had tried just thinking himself back, but every time he opened his eyes, he was still staring out over Rivendell. Hunger had begun to gnaw at him, so he helped himself to a couple of apples from the large bowl on the table, and ate them staring out over the elven sanctuary.

Then he tried walking and thinking at the same time - never a strong point! After several attempts, and realising how ridiculous he would look to anyone watching him stride purposefully backward and forward across the balcony, he stood still, closed his eyes, relaxed, and focused. He concentrated his thoughts on the park, sitting under his tree, playing on his guitar, smoking with a friend, then took a couple of paces, and opened his eyes. He was back!

He spent the rest of the evening sitting on the ledge, sorting out his set for the following night, and grinning to himself. Thoughts of Arwen made him feel warm and fuzzy inside, like he hadn't felt for a long time. He pushed to one side the fact that if Middle Earth was true to the books, she wasn't exactly unattached. She wanted to be with him, and that made him happy. He would just take things as they came.

He stretched again. A late breakfast was in order, and he thought he might ask Martha to teach him a little elvish!


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